Hey!Thank you for your interest!

If you are a great non-Chinese map creator, you can ask us to translate your map and post it in China for free.

If your map meets the following criteria,you can submit a translate application to us.

A Good Map

Your map should be nice and players like it. But don’t be too worried.Our demand is not too high. Just submit your request to us! If it’s not enough good, we will refuse.
Or you can try our paid service.
English Only

Our team don’t have translators for other languages. Please translate your map to English first.If you don’t know the way to edit maps or have other problems. Contract us for help.

No Large Ammount Of Words
We don’t have enough translators and time to deal with a long map yet. Especially large RPG maps.If you really need a translation then click here (paid service).

Submit your request here with the information of your map

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Welcome! Creators!

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