Bring your Minecraft maps to life in the Chinese-speaking World

Minecraft’s Chinese community is vibrant, and we’re happy to help you bring your maps into the active Chinese community if you’re inclined.

Join the BarriersLink Project Chineseization Group

Co-Translation and Proofreading

Let Minecraft European and American works have high quality translations in China.

Become a translator, open for sharing

Join the translation family and contribute to the sharing and openness of the Minecraft community.

No restrictions, No limits

There're almost no requirements for Chinese language level or creative experience for the BarriersLink Project. We welcome anyone who is interested!

Collaboration with BarriersLink Projct

If you already have your own server, team, organization or even company,

you can also work with us. You are more than welcome!

From small things like needing a server license for a Chinese version of the map, to big things like co-translating or even buying advertising space.

All can come and talk! We will consider all requests carefully.

Suggestions and feedback

Correct translation problems for us


Provide us with translation suggestions


Provide some fun foreign language maps


Still have questions? Contact us quickly!

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