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Although we can't break Barriers, we can be the link that connects them.


We bring nice Java Edition maps in English to Minecraft's Chinese community through translating. You can see maps that translated into Chinese by us here.

Play with players from other states in Minecraft Bedrock Edition using familiar Chinese characters. Download the pack, open the BLP web, and then download the translations to solve ALL the problems of language barriers!

Collaborate on translation, form a team, and find ways to localize your English maps…

Latest Packs

Avatar Legends


Terra Swoop Force

A short description of the benefit.30年前,GDL发射了一台钻机进入地球,而当钻机到达地核的时候,GDL与机组人员失去了联系。你的任务是前往地心,解开这30年前的巨大谜团......

Soccer Celebration


Trench Gun

在这个地图中,你会进入一个二战时的俄国士兵的记忆里。 他经历过了什么? 没人知道。而能够知道的,只—有—你。 传说中的致命毒气?丝毫无法伤害的钢铁怪物?真的存在吗???

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Translate Together, Improve Together, Achieve Together, And Serve the Gamers.


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BarriersLink Project

COOP! Welcome to COOP with us.

A well-known mini-game production team, the organizer of the famous Java Edition map competition Yeggs MapJam. One of the sources of excellent maps localized by the Barrierslink.

Moonlight Network
A famous high-version minigame server in China, with Han Chao as the server owner. BLP provides localized mini-game maps and authorization for it. The server has tens of thousands of fans on Bilibili.

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CORONA Studio,LauncherX team.