Welcome to BarriersLink Project!

A team project to connect the Minecraft community of China with the West.

Although we can't break Barriers, we can become the bridge to Link them together.

By Fanconma

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Latest Projects

Terra Swoop Force (JE)

GDL has assembled an elite elytra task force for a top-secret, high-risk mission. Step into your Thermal Flight Armor; it’s time to begin the flight of your life! Your journey to the center of the earth is just the beginning of the adventure!

Jurassic world

Jurassic World (BE)

Welcome to Jurassic World, the only luxury resort to feature dinosaurs! Craft and train dinosaurs, build exhibits, manage the park, and open it for business. Use vehicles and your team of NPCs to solve disasters or go on expeditions to find dino DNA.


Backroom (BE)

Instead of disappearing from reality, you'll find yourself in backrooms! Explore the creepy threshold space of the Chamber of Secrets. Escape the entities that lurk in the shadows!

It's up to you to discover the BarriersLink Project

MCJE Translations

We bring English maps into the Chinese community through translating.

MCBE Translations

We translate Bedrock maps, and serve every good worlds and exllent creators.

Minecraft Weekly NEWS

What's happening around this Minecraft World?

Mutual Achievement

Team up and translate together , finding your own way to sinicize English maps

About Us

Translate Together, Improve Together, Achieve Together, And Serve the Gamers.


Minecraft Bedrock Resource Translator

——Created the BarriersLink Project with RunningVan, the builder of this website.


Minecraft Java Community Map Translator

——Founder of RunningVan MC Map Import Office, which later expanded into the BarriersLink Project.


Java Edition Map Translation Assistance

——A member of the former RunningVan MC Map Import Office, he helps with translation from time to time.


Minecraft Translation Tester

——The former chatting group enthusiastic management, now a full member, responsible for the map test proofreading.


Minecraft Translation Proofreader

——Minecraft Bilibili Uploader(Bilibilier), who also does testing and proofreading work for BarriersLink Project.


Minecraft Translation promoter, tester

——Bilibilier. Often help to promote the Translations. Now is a full member of BarriersLink Project.

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